Good 4 You… is a natural health care clinic devoted to providing you with a unique and exemplary health care service.

A non-invasive holistic analysis will provide us with insight to your body’s strengths and weaknesses. We then match herbal tinctures to your body’s weaker systems in order to bring them back into balance. This gives us an ingredient list of herbs that will be custom blended for you. You don’t have to boil your own herbs or smell up your home! We use full spectrum herbal tinctures when making up your remedies. Based on the findings of Dr. Earle Sweet, we are able to provide you with exceptional tinctures created by a process called “cold percolation”. This process allows us to keep as much nutrients within the tincture as possible. Drop dosages are used when administering the herbal blends. One of the nice things about working with these tinctures is that you can blend them into water or juice, our goal is to help you get them into your daily routine as easily as possible.
We believe the future of health care will be to individualize medicine to meet the needs of each person. There is no “one size fits all” or any “magic bullet”. It’s about finding the right nutrients for your body and making the adjustments when you see the changes happen. You are in charge of your own body so it is up to you to put in the nutrients needed to achieve optimum health. Find out how our testing process can help you determine what best matches your body. I invite you to browse through my website. The pages within will help you to better understand the unique services we have to offer along with some informational articles for specific health care concerns. Also, I have begun to compile some of my favorite recipes for you. Some are for your health and others for your palette. I will be adding to the collection as I find new recipes to share. Together let’s explore the capabilities of your body when we provide it with specific nutrients from plants created by Mother Nature. Dani Sweet, the only “sweet” that’s good 4 you… mp
Our Story
Upon graduating as a Certified Clinical Herbal Practitioner and Certified Homeopath in 1998, Dani Sweet opened her Natural Health Care Clinic. Good 4 You… originated as a clinic that used full-spectrum herbal tinctures to promote the health and well-being of individuals. The modalities Dani used at the time were iridology and muscle testing. A few years later she was introduced to Electro Dermal Screening (EDS) and quickly realized this was truly the best way to service her clients. Dani learned the capabilities of the program and spent time perfecting how to use it to achieve the best results. In 2003, she redeveloped the way she gathers information about your body. Since then Good 4 You… has grown to include testing for nutrient deficiencies, supplements, food intolerances and emotional remedies.

Now having more than 17 years in business, Good 4 You… truly encompasses

mind, body and spirit!

I have seen Dani twice our first visit and a three-month evaluation and reassessment. I feel strongly that I should share just how incredible an experience this has been for me. Dani and her herbs have made an Read more


I started to go to Dani in 2004. Due to kidney failure the doctors had me booked to go on dialisis, but I decided to try and see what Dani could do for me. When I first went to her, my body was shutting down. Thanks to Dani my Read more


After smoking for over 30 years and quitting for over 5 years, I was diagnosed with a virul infection laying at the bottom of my lungs. This caused me to cough alot.Read more


… You really are a healing angel. I am so thankful Paul sent me to you. I truly believe you are saving my life. I don’t know where I would be without your help.


I am now on my forth regime, and the improvement is continuing. In retrospect, I am amazed at where I am now compared with years ago. At one time I thought I’d never walk again, but I am now walking sometimes up to five miles a day. It’s still a struggle, since the battle is ongoing, but some days are better than others. Read more



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