“Herbs are considered food for the body. They are valuable sources of natural medicines, vitamins and minerals which have a remarkable history of curative effects when used in the proper way.”

Source: Natural Holistic Remedies by Charles Paul Jeffries

All natural herbal ingredients...
hand selected for your body.
No two people are created alike, so why should their healthcare protocol be the same?

What is Good 4 You?

What is Good 4 You? We are a natural health care clinic. At Good 4 You, we offer a health screening service and custom herbal remedies. Our non-invasive holistic analysis provides insight to your body’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, we match herbal tinctures to your body’s weaker systems in order to bring them back into balance.

What Do People Say?

How Do We Do It?

Using an OHM meter, we gather information about your body through acupuncture points located on your hands and feet. Our method of testing helps us to select the right herbal ingredients for your body.

No needles are used to perform this test!

Where Are We Located?