About Dani Sweet

Dani Sweet is the founder and CEO of Good 4 You… a natural health care clinic.


Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Dani is the youngest daughter of a Chiropractor and Master Herbalist. She grew up in London, Ontario where her family embraced natural healthcare as a way of life. Her own personal journey however, leading her to becoming a healthcare provider started in her late twenties. It was her fascination with plant medicine, anatomy and physiology that launched her career as an herbal practitioner.


Upon graduating in 1998, Dani opened her first clinic which was located inside of a health food store. She was able to work part-time for the store owner while she began building her clientele base. Iridology and muscle testing were the tools she used to gather information about your body. Later, she moved from the health food store to work in her father’s clinic.


It was there that she learned about Electro Acupuncture according to Vol (EAV). Her intrigue with this modality lead to further exploration of its capabilities. It wasn’t long before she mastered how to use this tool and soon after, was able to open her own clinic.


While growing her clinic, Dani enjoyed teaching at the college she had previously attended and writing health articles for a local newspaper and magazine. She found time to work with businesses to raise money for the Junior Achievement summer camp program where she volunteered to teach one day/week during the camp’s season. Later she also volunteered and raised money for the Western Junior Mustang’s football team. As a wife and proud mom, she attributes a great deal of her success to her family’s support as she continues to learn and grow.


Dani has worked hard to carve out a unique niche in the healthcare field. It is her ultimate goal to have her work continue on for years to come. For this reason, she is always looking for new ways to teach her methods and expand her practice.


In 2021, Dani joined the mentorship team at Wild Rose College. She mentors beginner and intermediate herbal students and runs her practicum blocks over one or two weeks in London, Ontario.


Having over 20 years of experience, she has perfected her methods for treatment in the healthcare industry. Not only has her main objective always been to help people live their best quality of life (naturally of course), but after meeting a young man who suffered with Lyme disease, she decided to focus on natural treatments for Lyme and Lyme related symptoms. Helping people as they recover from severe illness has become one of her obsessions.


With care and attention, Dani takes the time required to explore your health concerns and determine which nutrients would benefit you most. Customizing your herbal remedies and health protocol is her specialty.


Dani Sweet is the only “sweet” that is Good 4 You…