About Dani Sweet

Dani Sweet C.C.H.P., C.H., D.N.M. is a Certified Clinical Herbal Practitioner, Certified Homeopath and Doctor of Natural Medicine. Her objective is to help people live their best quality of life, naturally.


Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Dani is the youngest daughter of a Chiropractor and Master Herbalist. She grew up in London, Ontario, where her family embraced natural health care as a way of life. Although she had always been exposed to this industry, her own personal journey leading her to becoming a health care provider truly started in her mid to late 20s.


Dani observed while her father studied plant medicine and then eventually developed laboratory equipment for making herbal tinctures. She was fascinated at his ability to provide a quality product for his clients and decided to explore potential avenues to develop her role in this field.


Upon graduating in 1998 as a Certified Clinical Herbal Practitioner and Certified Homeopath, Dani started Good 4 You… a natural health care clinic located in London, Ontario.


While growing her clinic, Dani enjoyed teaching at the college she had previously attended and writing natural health articles for a local newspaper and magazine. She worked with local businesses to raise money for the Junior Achievement summer camp program where she also volunteered to teach one day/week during the camp’s season.


In 2006 she received an Award Accolade “Order of Excellence” from the World Organization of Natural Medicine for her studies. Soon after, she graduated as a Doctor of Natural Medicine.


Dani takes the time required to explore your health concerns and determine which nutrients would benefit you most. Her vision is to be a trendsetter for standards in herbal health care and an integral force helping to make herbs a part of mainstream medicine.


Dani Sweet is the only “sweet” that is Good 4 You…