About Good 4 You

We are a natural health care clinic which originated in 1998. Our intent was to help people with their health concerns, using all-natural methods of treatment. When we started, iridology and muscle testing were the tools we used to gather information about the body. In 2003, we were introduced to Electro Acupuncture according to Voll (EAV). Our intrigue with this modality lead to further exploration of its capabilities. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before this became a part of the clinic’s daily practice.


As we grew familiar with the program, we were able to make adaptations to the protocol. We believe this type of testing provides us with the ability to help our clients achieve the best health, naturally!


Everything that exists has energy. We know we have an energy field around us even though we can’t see it. Every plant has its own unique energy “thumbprint” as well. All we do is match the energy of plants to the body so we can find the right ingredients to make custom herbal remedies. No two people are created alike, so why should their health care protocol be the same?


Today our clinic will provide you with exceptional health care service and your own custom herbal remedies. We offer you a comfortable environment during your visit and expect you to be an integral part of your own state of health.


Since 2003, Good 4 You… has grown to include testing for nutrient deficiencies, supplements, food intolerances and emotional remedies.