Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction

A Jarisch-Herxhiemer reaction is a sudden, exaggerated inflammatory response. I call it a healing crisis but you may also have heard it called: a detox reaction, a“herxing”, or a cleansing reaction.


Adolf Jarisch and Karl Herxheimer are credited with the discovery of the “Jarisch-Herxheimer” reaction. During the treatment of infectious diseases, they noted there was an increased inflammatory response which they believed was due to the release of toxins from killed or dying microorganisms.

Symptoms may include: increased joint or muscle pain, irritability, concentration problems, dizziness, skin rashes and other flu-like symptoms. If you are experiencing a herxing, just remember they will diminish with time.

What Causes a Herxing?

A healing crisis can happen when you are fighting infections. If your body is releasing toxins too quickly, you might feel as if your illness suddenly got worse or has been re-activated.

Healing crisis’ are common when treating Lyme disease because of multiple infections. Even though the crisis’ may not be unavoidable, they can still be manageable.

How can I minimize a Healing Crisis?

Custom herbal remedies support all body systems. This has repeatedly shown me that a healing crisis can be managed to a minimum with most people.

Customized remedies are herbal tinctures blended for your use. They are different for each person because you are unique. Your body will respond differently than another.

What can I do to help Reduce Symptoms?

You can help reduce your symptoms by making sure you are eating good quality food, drinking water, get plenty of rest and avoiding unnecessary stress.

Why Use our services?

We offer a unique health screening service that provides a holistic analysis of your body. It’s non-invasive and will help us to determine what herbs will be the most help for you.This can be a great way to help you through the tough times.

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