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Mya – Behar

I have seen Dani twice our first visit and a three-month evaluation and reassessment. I feel strongly that I should share just how incredible I feel strongly that I should share just how incredible an experience this has been for me. Dani and her herbs have  made an extremely notable difference in my life, I feel revived, rejuvenated and emotionally and physically awakened.I realize now that I had been experiencing a “depression” I had no spark, hardly laughed and just lacked a sense of enjoyment. I now have a new positive outlook on life, I enjoy and appreciate everything around me, my patience is restored and I find not much upsets me anymore, and I have an incredible amount of energy everyday.


I have maintained this new sense of self for more than 3 months, I am consistent with how I feel. I do shift work and my emotional swings have stabilized. I would refer Dani to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of what their body is telling them and wants to give their body what it needs for optimal functioning and disease prevention.


The money I have invested in my health through Dani I will save in not purchasing health food items that my body does not require. I feel confident in the knowing that what I am putting into my body is what my body needs. Thanks for your expertise and making me a believer in the importance of natural medicines.

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I started to go to Dani in 2004. Due to kidney failure the doctors had me booked to go on dialisis, but I decided to try and see what Dani could do for me. When I first went to her, my body was shutting down. Thanks to Dani my counts are now well on the way and my kidneys are both working well. I feel better and look better than I have in about 10 years. Thank you Dani

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After smoking for over 30 years and quitting for over 5 years, I was diagnosed with a virul infection laying at the bottom of my lungs. This caused me to cough alot. While I was told that because I had quit smoking it wouldn’t get worse, I was also told it would never get better.


I was utterly amazed that after seeing Dani and taking just my first 3 months of custom herbal remedies, my coughing and lung conjestion have already almost disappeared! Thank you so much Dani – what you are doing works!

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You really are a healing angel. I am so thankful Paul sent me to you. I truly believe you are saving my life. I don’t know where I would be without your help.

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I am now on my forth regime, and the improvement is continuing. In retrospect, I am amazed at where I am now compared with years ago. At one time I thought I’d never walk again, but I am now walking sometimes up to five miles a day. It’s still a struggle, since the battle is ongoing, but some days are better than others.
Overall I am significantly improved. I’ve begun to exercise regularly for the first time in years. Now, I have hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It has been ten years since I was originally and officially diagnosed. Ten years of my life have been lost fighting this disease, but I now feel that I can begin living again. I’ve begun volunteering at a local hospital and I am spending more time with my children.


Patience and perseverance on this path I hope will eventually return me to good and complete health. I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am if it weren’t for Dani, the Good4you clinic and my trust and reliance upon God.

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I have read so many people’s testimony concerning their battle with Lyme. One theme appears over and over again, that the majority of conventional health systems have no understanding of how to deal with Lyme, let alone all the symptoms associated with the disease.


Since I have lived the majority of my life without major health issues; it was for me easy to recognize that something was wrong. My health deteriorated slowly over time; so I must admit part of me thought, could this be aging or total burn out. Yet, my heart told me the exhaustion I was experiencing was not a normal exhaustion. It felt like someone had given me a sleeping pill and my brain or body could not wake up.


Other symptoms I noticed, were memory loss/concentration, trouble walking and dizziness. The one major symptom was my eyes; blurriness, unable to read, so often I would feel off balance when I was walking because my eyes had so much trouble adjusting.


This part of my journey I could easily describe as “scary”. I can only describe not knowing what is wrong “like hearing someone break into your house at night; it is the unknown that can cause you “fear” and “heartbreak”.


I have always believed that each one of us must follow our heart and listen to what our body is saying. My heart told me, don’t go to a conventional health system, instead find help in the natural health care practice.


So I started searching; I took my time and read about many natural health sites until I found Dani Sweet’s site. What caught my attention was that Dani used a method called ElectroDermal Screening. Fortunately for me I read about this device over the years. This system removes the guess work; by reading the energy of your organs and then allowing your body to respond positive or negative to the herbs needed. I realize this is a very short description of the process but all I can tell you is, IT WORKS!