Ants on Logs

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A fun, healthy snack kids can make all on their own!


1st Type

Celery sticks

Peanut Butter


2nd Type

Red Pepper slices

Goat Cheese, softened

Dried Cranberries

Wash vegetables completely.  Cut Celery into 3-inch lengths.  Using a butter knife,  spread the peanut butter into the hollow of the celery.  Top with raisins.

Cut the red pepper into ½ inch wide slices, about 2-3-inches in length.  Spread some soft goat cheese on each slice and top with dried cranberries. Enjoy!

Here’s some more ideas of ours:

Apples with peanut butter & raisins

Bananas with peanut butter & raisins

Pineapple & Goat Cheese with cranberries

Be creative.  Use your own ideas to make a variety of Ants on Logs.