Kidney Health

Kidney Health

Your kidneys have a very important function in your body. They can differentiate between waste product and useful substances then separate them for use or excretion. Only a small amount of water carrying waste material is passed on into the bladder. Kidneys also regulate the relative salt balance in the body and play a role in the maintenance of pH in your blood. They are responsible for the production of a hormone that is involved in the regulation of blood pressure.

Damage to the kidneys can come from drugs, environmental toxins, heavy metals, solvents, poisons or disease.

Some symptoms of kidney malfunction include chills, fever, urinary urgency, cloudy or bloody urine, fluid retention, abdominal pain, back pain, nausea and vomiting. If you have experienced any of these symptoms or have been diagnosed with kidney disease by your Doctor, here are some things to consider:

Avoid foods high in caffeine or that have been decaffeinated since they are very irritating to the kidneys. This includes coffee, black tea or chocolate. High protein diets and foods high in oxalates can also stress the kidneys.

You may want to include things like cranberries to acidify the urine and destroy bacteria build-up, vitamin B6 for those who are on high protein diets, vitamin C and Acidophilus if you are prone to infections. To strengthen the kidneys and keep them in good repair use multi-minerals. Digestive enzymes help the body’s ability to break down acid-forming foods. Celery, parsley and pure cherry juice are helpful if high uric acid levels are present in the blood.

Helpful herbs include buchu, uva-ursi, corn silk, juniper berries, dandelion root and nettles to name a few. Each of these have their own specific function in your body so before selecting your protocol it is best to have a professional help you. 

A Natural Health Care Provider has the skills to assist you in your good health journey whether you have a specific health concern or are just being proactive. Remember, there is never one cure for all people!

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